Elton Hunter

Elton has been in the construction industry for over 43 years. He owned and operated Skyline Power Ltd. in northern BC for 15 years before moving back to Alberta to teach at NAIT. During his business dealings with Skyline Power Ltd., he constructed 6 High Voltage Substations. He also taught Powerline and Substation Construction for over 13 years at a post-secondary level with NAIT. He was specifically tasked with teaching Line Construction and Safety Code, Electrical and Transformer Theory, and Metering. He also taught Substation Theory and Apparatus. In addition to his work with Skyline Power Ltd., he constructed over 70 substations while employed with Alberta Power (now ATCO Electric). Elton has a wealth of construction knowledge with over 40 years’ experience in the Power Industry. Elton Hunter is a Journey Certified Powerline Technician with an Inter Provincial Red Seal Endorsement (RSE), 40 years of experience, 15 years as a private business owner, and 13 years as a post-secondary trade’s instructor.

Elton has over 43 years of experience building, commissioning, and inspecting power systems, working with the major power producing companies such as BC Hydro, Yukon Electric, Norther Canada Power Commission (NCPC), and BC Transmission Corporation (BCTC) to name a few. He also owned and operated a private line contracting company operating primary in Northern BC. His company built, installed, and maintained new substation and transmission infrastructure in Northern BC. He specialized in live line work, underground/underwater cabling, transmission structures and substations.

Elton has also invested a significant amount of time working for and with many of the major contracting companies, such as Artic Power, Midlite Construction, Twin River Power and Rokstad Power BC, among others, throughout Canada and the USA.

Elton also spent 13 years teaching as a post-secondary instructor teaching in the Powerline Technology and the Power System Electricians trades. He is also an expert in these fields, and he has spent significant time investing in the next generation of trades people, developing the curriculum, participating as a judge at Powerline Rodeo competitions (the Powerline Skills completions).