Communication towers are exposed to a tremendous amount of stress. Our professional team verifies the tension and condition of the guy wires, the vertical alignment and tower twist with our proprietary high tech instrumentation.

We perform a visual examination of tower members for bent, fractured, or missing pieces. We inspect for cracks in welds, and loose, missing or short bolts. We look for signs of corrosion and the general condition of the structure. The conditions of foundations are verified and any deficiencies are noted. Antennas and electrical connections are visually and in some cases electrically checked.

Our high resolution imagery and video are compiled and boiled down to a permanent professional report that will become the standard of excellence that you will come to expect. Our report is easily integrated into your existing procedures and will act as a benchmark for future reports. You will be able to track the health of your infrastructure on an on-going basis, allowing for capital planning and replacement.