With over 100 years of experience in the design construction and acceptance or western Canada’s power grid, our Alberta trained, Red Seal Powerline Technologists (PLT RSE) are fully trained in the, switching procedures and safe limit of approach distances required to safely operate the most complex substations. We are experts in identifying issues and deficiencies, which will compromise the successful operation of the system.

We will conduct inspections and risk assessments of substation equipment, with an eye on leaks, corrosion and mechanical failures of equipment, insulation and bus work, all boiled down to a permanent and concise inspection report complete with high resolution imaging and estimates of life expectancy, allowing for planning and budgeting of upgrades.

Our proprietary, high resolution, imaging equipment provides analysis across the visual spectrum, which detects hotpots, physical damage and corona leakage, all without the need for expensive labour and time required to schedule maintenance crews allowing them to concentrate on more pressing issues. Saving you time and money.