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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

This statement, which applies to the SPI Group of Companies (SPI), sets out SPI’s environmental-footprint strategy and how we seek to deliver against it.

We recognize our responsibility to help protect the planet. We are committed to minimizing the impact our company has on the environment and supporting those who are working to improve global environmental sustainability.

SPI is committed to sustainability and acting in a responsible manner to promote employee well-being, minimize our impact on the environment and give back to the wider community. Our goal is to build partnerships with our employees, clients, investors, suppliers and communities based on mutual respect, trust and fairness.

From the beginning, our focus has been on developing environmentally sustainable solutions. From the start, SPI’s singular mission was to change the electrical industry using innovative thinking, and completing work in a faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to reducing secondary waste streams, and eliminating the use of toxic chemicals through our dry ice cleaning process, and promoting these innovations to our customers and industry in general.

Our environmental-footprint strategy seeks to address greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and waste across our entire operation as we strive to continually strengthen our environmental practices, and we will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We are committed to improving our environmental performance and to leaving a sustainable legacy for future generations.

Environmental Statement

Since inception, SPI has been improving the environment by utilizing recycled CO2 as dry ice for a cleaning medium. Dry ice is the most sustainable solution on the market for removing stubborn contaminants from electrical infrastructure and industrial equipment.

Our environmentally sustainable solutions are based on the conversion of waste carbon dioxide (CO2) into a value added, commercially useful product – dry ice.
Dry ice is the product of a carbon capture and utilization (CCU) process in which CO2 is captured at industrial and biogas facilities, recycled, and converted to dry ice. The CO2 that would have otherwise been discarded as waste is given a second life as a cleaning medium.

The use of dry ice does not add to your greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions/CO2e or carbon footprint calculation. The CO2 that forms dry ice was already accounted for when it was produced at the industrial or biogas facility. The CO2 that forms dry ice is considered a recycled product.

Dry ice is a water-free, waste-free, and chemical-free solution that is helping organizations improve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores. It replaces common cleaning methods that are damaging to the environment.

Reducing waste

We are committed to reducing waste.

  • We aim to reduce waste generation at the source and seek to minimize the waste we send to landfill.
  • We promote reuse and recycling, as well as the use of supplies that are recycled and recyclable and whose production and use minimize the consumption of natural resources. Specifically, we aim to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics, use environmentally friendly paper, and recycle where possible, including plastics and large electronic equipment.
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