SPI Inspections Inc. and our imaging technologies make power system inspection cheaper, faster and safer. Our inspection service eliminates the need for complicated switching procedures and recloser blocking in order to note any deficiencies, and our imaging technology provides a permanent visual record which is easily integrated into existing cataloging and tracking procedures.


With over 100 years of experience in the design construction and acceptance or western Canada’s power grid, our Alberta trained, Red Seal Powerline Technologists (PLT RSE) are fully trained in the, switching procedures and safe limit of approach distances required to safely operate the most complex substations. We are experts in identifying issues and deficiencies, which will compromise the successful operation of the system.


Communication towers are exposed to a tremendous amount of stress. Our professional team verifies the tension and condition of the guy wires, the vertical alignment and tower twist with our proprietary high tech instrumentation. Need a light repaired or an antenna aligned? Our experts are ready.


Power line inspections fall into the category of “infrastructure monitoring”. These types of inspections are expensive, time-consuming, have a high repeat rate, and comply with the legislation that mandates them.

The most widely used inspection method is the one performed by manned helicopters and in specific areas with inspection by ATVs or on foot. But expensive helicopter operation is noisy and ecologically unsustainable.

SPI can complete these tasks faster, safer, and cheaper, and these inspections are repeatable with GPS mapping, giving you historical data every year from exactly the same perspectives.


Dry Ice Blasting is the most effective, safest, and cleanest way of cleaning power generation equipment. From small electric motors to power stations, all can be cleaned without the use of chemicals. It is a good alternative to traditional Sand Blasting, Corn Blasting or Walnut Blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting provides a non-conductive, environmentally responsible cleaning process that allows equipment to be cleaned in-place, without cool down or disassembly. In addition, the outage time typically needed for cleaning can be eliminated.


SPI will supply qualified personnel and equipment, to support the service requirements on an as-required basis to mitigate the hazards to workers associated with working in or on Substations, Vaults, and Manholes while opening live equipment for purposes of inspection or maintenance. We are qualified and ready to provide these services on a 365-day, 7-day, 24-hour basis.