Brett Fleming

Brett is a Journey Certified Powerline Technician with an Inter Provincial Red Seal Endorsement (RSE), a Blue Seal Certificate in Business Competencies and over 13 years as a post-secondary trade’s instructor.

Brett has over 32 years of experience building, commissioning, and inspecting power systems, working with the major power producing companies such as TransAlta Utilities, Altalink Transmission, Fortis Distribution, ATCO Electric, ATCO Transmission to name a few. He has invested a significant amount of time working for and with many of the major contracting companies, such as Valard Construction, MacGregor Construction, Midlite Construction and Ace Construction, among others, throughout Canada and the USA.

Brett has 13 years’ experience teaching as a post-secondary instructor and as a Chair in the programs, overseeing both the Powerline Technology and the Power System Electricians trades. He is an expert in these fields, and he has spent a significant amount of time investing in the next generation of trades people, developing curriculum, participating as a judge at World Level Powerline Rodeo competitions (the Powerline Skills completions), and working on national committees to harmonize the Power Trades across Canada.

Brett’s wide array of knowledge in transmission and distribution systems provides a background for innovation and together with his team he has searched the world over for technologies to apply in new and exciting way to make the industry safer and more efficient.

“I got into the power trade to build a community, I taught to give back to the industry, and I started a company to make a difference and bring new ideas that apply cutting edge technologies in never before used ways which will revolutionize procedures in the industry. Over the past 32 years, I have seen many changes in the powerline industry, technology, materials, and tools. People are still key. My number one commitment is to bring value to our customers and bring everyone home safe at the end of the day.”